Monday, 1 July 2013

J!NX Contest: Design your own World of Tanks T-shirt!

As the title suggest, this is the work I did for the aforementioned contest.
I love playing World of Tanks and I have been thinking to design a t-shirt for a bit now, so I thought what the heck,  let's give this thing a go!!
Having in mind WW2 Soviet Union propaganda posters, a limited colour palette  and the semplicity of the movies' poster designer Saul Bass as main references, I tried to convey all of these qualities in one design.
For you out there who don't know anything about WW2 tanks,  this is a simplified, graphic  version of a T34- 85, a legendary russian tank (one fo the contest' requirements was to use a tank from the WOT universe).
It has been really  fun ( especially considering that this is quite out of my comfort zone ) so, even if I've  infringed all the design principles at once, and made a fool of myself in the eyes of any decent graphic designer, ladies and gentlemen without further ado, the design themselves:

 © J!NX

This last pic is an alternative version I did just for fun and that I'm planning to print myself unless my design wins the contest( in that case all the image's rights are transfered permanently to J!NX)
The font used is called Kremlin, made by the talented Vic Fieger, and , at the best of my knowledge, it's freeware ( I've just found out it has been used for  Hawken as well!:P).
I will probably ask you to vote for my design later on, if it passes the first selection, but for  now have a good night chaps.

Marco Caradonna
Concept Art & Illustration

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