Thursday, 7 June 2012

Mileage pays...EXPOSE10

Hard work pays.
Thanks to this little devil(Wizard's Familiar) I'll be featured in the Ballistic's upcoming EXPOSE10.
It feels great because the selection was particularly tough(being the 10 years' anniversary) and this is the only image that made its way through, out of 4 sent, and the one I wasn't counting that much on.
So: great surprise and huge satisfaction (and this is the first time I've been featured in one of Ballistic's amazing books, hurraa!!)
Thanks to J.C. LEYENDECKER for inspiring me with his mastery ( even if my result is nowhere close  to his works I know I know).

If you come across a copy of the book, I'm on page 132!

Marco Caradonna
Concept Art & Illustration


Igor Tkac said...


Marco Caradonna said...

Thanks Igor!

Ronal said...

Bella lì, congrats Marco!

Marco Caradonna said...

@ Ronal: ti ricordi quando ci scherzavamo sopra ai tempi dello Ied? Che figo sarebbe essere pubblicati...Eh mi ircordo che sei stato tu a farmis coprire la Ballistic tipo il primo anno di corso.CHe figata.Dovremmos empre fare una cosa insieme se mai riuscissimo.M