Saturday, 24 March 2012

Being Proud: EPIC MICKEY 2 has been officially announced...

... and I have the pleasure to say that I've worked on it, with my EXTREMELY TALENTED colleagues at BlitzGames Studios.
I've helped designing props, environments and textures for the HD (Xbox360 and Ps3)versions of the game.
My part on it is long gone now and as little as it is(compared to the humongous work my colleagues are still doing on it) I'm very proud and feel lucky for this opportunity.
See you on the release date Mickey...

Marco Caradonna
Concept Art & Illustration


Tom Dow said...

Great project! This looks really cool.

Congratulations Marco.

Laura Piazza said...

Complimenti! È una grandissima soddisfazione lavorare su cose come questa, anche se il tempo di "pubblicazione" alle volte spegne un po'l'entusiasmo iniziale.
Ma tornerà quando uscirà il lavoro finito! ^^

Marco Caradonna said...

@ Tom:
it's always a pleasure hearing from you mate!
But mind, I didn't do this picture, it's just there for awesomeness purposes:P
@ Laura:
grazie mille!Non vedo l'ora di poter postare qualcosa infatti:P