Thursday, 2 February 2012

CGHUB CharacterFORGE 2D : ROUND 023 :: Wizard (UPDATED 05_02_2012)

And finally my first wip for this contest:


Last round you met Toh, the Wizard's familiar. This round, we focus on the Wizard himself. 

CHARACTER: THE WIZARD, Braatrira Théophor

Demographic Middle Grade (
Genre: Fantasy - think Secret of NIHM. 
Role Main Character Adversary (bad guy)
History: Braatrira is a bit of a dark horse character. His origins are unclear, with legend and myth preceding him like a plague in his travels. Unlike many of his contemporaries, he does not reside in a single location, but instead wanders the Known Lands. Some say he's cursed. Some say he is searching for an artifact. Some say he seeks a love he lost when he was a youth. The only thing known for certain is that those who cross his path are seldom heard from again, and if they are, they are but mere shells of the souls they were before.

Type Human
Gender Male
Age Old, but not decrepit. 
Physical traits:
Height: About 6'
Stature: Imposing posture. 
Hair: White and wild
Eyes: Glowing blue
Personality: Controlled, intelligent, cunning, clinical, detatched. 
Characteristics/Traits Left arm is scared from hand to shoulder from a spell that back fried in his youth. 
Clothing / Dress Artist's choice, but more or less traditional "wizard robes" and paraphernalia. 
Tools / Artifacts / Equipment / Weapons: Carries a twisted staff with three dark gems at the top, and various charms and baubles. Similar baubles can be found woven into his beard.

OPTIONAL: Show Braatrira and Toh together in a scene that illustrates their relationship. 

Upon request.

Deadline - Friday, Feb. 10th, 2012 (11:59PM Eastern: UTC/GMT -5 hours)

Marco Caradonna
Concept Art & Illustration

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