Wednesday, 11 January 2012

CGHUB CharacterFORGE 2D : ROUND 022 :: Wizard's Familiar

Here's my entry for this nice CGHUB contest.


For this challenge, you are to design a wizard's familiar using the requirements listed below. This challenge was created to showcase your thinking and research abilities and to execute a well-designed character of your own making. Have fun with this round!

Demographic: Middle Grade (
Genre: Fantasy - think Secret of NIHM
Role: Supporting character
Name: Toh
Type: Creature / animal / supernatural. Artist's choice, but NOT human - humanoid perhaps (if it is a daemon)
Gender: Artist's choice
Cunning, Snide & sarcastic, caustic, A bit of a trouble maker, quick of mind, desperately loyal to its master, powerful, but not stronger than its master.
Characteristics/Traits: Highly magical. Fast to the point of sudden. Both beautiful and frightening and deadly in its own right.
Clothing / Dress: Artist's choice, but simple, if any. Nothing too showy.
Tools / Artifacts / Equipment / Weapons: Artist's choice, but no weapons or powerful magical items (it doesn't need them).

Notes: Toh (pronounced like "toe") is a nasty piece of work, but absolutely loyal to it's master. Focus on it, not its master. A background isn't necessary, but you are welcome to include one. You can include it's master if you wish, but again, the focus of the submission must be on Toh.

Previous sketches and iterations to follow soon!

Marco Caradonna
Concept Art & Illustration