Monday, 21 February 2011

Long time...

I know,long time didn't post anything.
There are reasons though.
Main one it's that I've been hired as concept artist by Blitzgames Studios,and it has been(and still is) amazing so far.It's hard to tell how I feel.It took me two years and a lot of sweat blood and sleepless nights(it might sound a cheesy cliche but this is it).
There should be a long list of people I owe  credit here,but it's too long and I'm tired so just wanna say thanks to everyone who deserve it
Ah!I moved from London to Leamington Spa as well
So please be merciful and try to understand me,I need an holiday.
But I'll be back soon(I've got a lot of stuff to post if only I wasn't so lazy about it)
For the few readers out there,I'll be back (Arnie docet)

Just to post something while I'm writing,I reworked this old Artorder HP Lab concept,trying to improve it with the crits and feedback received

Marco Caradonna
Concept Art & Illustration

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