Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Painting Light

Here's my pathetic attempt to emulate a bit the amazing art of this guy:
Daisuke “dice” Tsutsumi.

I recently discovered his work and I've been blown away.Literally.
His mastery of colors and lighting has pushed me togo further and try to improve my own work.Check his website because this guy is an amazing storyteller.No wonder he works at Dreamworks:P
So please consider my shameful attempt more of a tribute rather than a  copy ok:)?

(except the main monitor no photo ref have been used)

Marco Caradonna
Concept Art & Illustration

1 comment:

la Volpe said...

l'immagine mi piace e al momento sono troppo pigro per andare a vedere gli originali

mi sono sfogliato il sito e ho visto le ultime immagini che avevo lasciato indietro causa viaggi, lavoro e assenza di rete in albergo!!!!!