Tuesday, 19 October 2010

FFG: A Game of Thrones "Lords of Winter" expansion is out!

The new expansion for the Agot LCG "Lords of Winter" has just been released and luckily enough I have been also featured in the back cover!

Here's the couple of cards I did for this set,the back cover(which features amazing art from fellow colleagues Tiziano Baracchi,Nacho Molina, Cris Griffin and Miguel Coimbra)and the front one(by Morano)
A little trivia:I'll post soon two "summerly" version of these cards as at the time I didn't realize that both of them  needed winter environments(Lords of Winter wasn't clear enough fo me.How smart!:P),thing the Nate French(AD for this set)kindly  reminded me.Well,I reworked them within two hours!
So guys remember,always read carefully the assignment!

Marco Caradonna
Concept Art & Illustration


la Volpe said...

wow proprio una bella fetta di scatola con il tuo marchio...


Bufi said...

OH! fatte sentì! ti avevo scritto sull'altro blog quello dal sito...