Thursday, 19 August 2010

Fallen Archangel Samael

Samael,the Fallen Archangel!!!
A character for CHOW#209  contest on
Since it seems there're tons of different version about Samael origins and purposes I simply mixed them up some of them with design in mind(if a story features a cool design idea I simply put it in the mixing pot)
This will be one of the latest updates until September(since I'm going on holidays form the 22th to the end of the month)
I'll catch you on my way back:P

Marco Caradonna
Concept Art & Illustration


Francesco Sternativo said...

molto figo! bravo!

ora riposati ;)

Marco Caradonna said...

Ahah grazie Xatmooo
Che si vede dal disegno che son stanco?
cmq domenica mattina volo a torino,racctatto un mio amico,e si va in Francia a Montpellier!Iauuu