Tuesday, 29 June 2010

AEG: Phase Card Game art!

Hi guys
Here you have some of the latest illustrations I did for the Alderac Entertainment Group
The good thing is that as to their extremely wide policy regarding Nda(I would say extremely large,actually I was quite surprise the first time they mentioned it), I'm able to post these artworks right now,few weeks after completing them
Sadly I have no idea how the final art will be displayed on the card frame, but I can guess that a huge section of the background,as well as the most part of the lower body will vanish pretty easily(sig:()
On the other side the cool thing is that this game will feature a dynamic pagination,with some of the art popping out of the frame
Anyway these are three Evil creatures from their upcoming Phase game,which features a Fantasy-Sci-fi  setting
Art Director: Todd C. Rowland

Marco Caradonna
Concept Art & Illustration

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la Volpe said...

i primi due sono davvero favolosi! dai che il 24 luglio sono a Londra!!!