Thursday, 27 August 2009

Check this out!My brand new Website !!!

Hi guys!
It's been awhile from the last post(ehm actually more than one month) but i had my good reasons:
one of those it's that i've just finished uploading my brand new website!!
Be sure to have a look at it at:

I'll use it as a online portfolio for my works but i'll keep anyway posting on this blog sketches and doodles.
i realized that a blog was no longer a optimal way to show my own works , so this is the reason for this change
In this way i'll be able to use blogpost for more extravaganzas like video,mp3 and all the kinda stuff i'd like to share with you
So i hope you'll apreciate this:)

1 comment:

il Pinguino said...

Ciao e complimenti! Ho visto il sito e mi è piaciuto molto perché è semplice e facilmente consultabile!

Bravo! Bravo!

Un salutone grosso grosso