Saturday, 11 July 2009

Artorder_Catastrophic Dragon_Earthquake!!

Hi guys, here we are with another Artorder submission, and the brief was:"

Without getting deep into the story and mechanics of the piece (you want that, then subscribe!) - the basic concept of the catastrophic dragon is simple. They are infused with the elemental fury that brings about catastrophic effects in the world. So, a volcanic Dragon is infused with the elemental fury of the volcano. When you look at the concept art created by Richard Whitters, Wizards of the Coast Lead concept artist, you will notice that the "body" of the dragon is just a shell or carapace that holds the elemental fury. It is a fun and cool concept.
The Details
• The catastrophic force that you will be using is "earthquake". • You can choose how you show that elemental force. • Create a catastrophic dragon that follows the basic body style shown in the Volcanic Dragon • Create a unique head profile/silhouette, and other body elements that create a easily identified dragon (from the other catastrophic dragons) "
As usual i'm too lazy to write something decent, but i hope that this image speaks for itself
This is how i see the Earthquake Dragon
Hope you enjoy;)


Chew Hui Ting, Jonita said...

Whats this all about? I don't really get it... My blog's URL:

Anonymous said...

Bello, ma pensandoci io lo avrei fatto in maniera diversa. In ogni caso a me piace molto, dopo guarderò anche gli altri.

la Volpe said...


che figata!

anch'io forse lo avrei concepito diversamente ma questo e' davvero figo

Enrico said...

ciao mitico,
bravo anche questa volta il lavoro! Però ho guardato anche tutti gli altri e non so proprio quale scegliere ce ne sono un sacco di belli!

Spero tu stia bene e continua così!