Sunday, 28 June 2009

Artorder_Concept Tuesday: B&W Vampire

Hi guys,
this is my contribution to B&W Vampires Artorder Challenge
Back to the old days with Ink treatment(well actually it's digital inking ehrm..)
Here's the whole brief: "

Illo 001: Gwenth and Garreth
Specifications: 1/3 V - 3” w X 6.75” h

This illo depicts a pair of vampires: Gwenth and Garreth.

Must be B&W - no grayscale. You can use line, hatch, zip tone, stipple any tool or technique - as long as it is strictly BLACK & WHITE.

Gwenth: A female vampire, once a human, who excels at stealth and ambush attacks. She wears leather armor and carries two short swords. She should look both seductive and dangerous, but let’s avoid clothing that’s too revealing or risqué. She has short, dark hair, and is an effective assassin. If we see her partially obscured by shadows, that’s great.

Garreth: A male vampire, once a human, who is more of an up-front bruiser. He wears leather armor, and carries a heavy shield and short sword. He’s standing in front of Gwenth, almost protectively. He has pale, almost white hair, and the scars of several battles. He’s thickly built and muscular, and his mouth is open to reveal his fangs and vampiric nature. "

Be sure to check this challenge, i'm sure that you'll able to see some kickass pieces!!!!
Also for this one Jon(Wizard of the Coast Art director)has asked some collegues from competing companies to jump in and vote their favorites , the complete line up is:

Kris Aubin - Privateer Press
James Davis - Paizo Publishing
Brian Glass - White Wolf | CCP
Sarah Robinson - Paizo Publishing | Pathfinder
Jon Schindehette - - Wizards of the Coast | Dungeons & Dragons

I think that , as a quite young professional, having the opportunity to showcase some of my works to such a list of people(real professionals), is a great opportunity, and if you also consider that joining Artorder Challenge is TOTALLY FREE, i thik the least you could do is to pay a visit to this site and spread the word about this EMERGING ART COMMUNITY!!
As usual i'm on rush, so a big ciao to everyone!


Anonymous said...

Avevi la possibilità di fare Drath Von Vazicroh, così li stendevi tutti. Sono molto deluso!

Marco Caradonna said...

Eheh no Ale, non potevo
Mi son dimenticato di postare il brief, che è molto dettagliato
Rimediero al piu presto cosi vedrai che avevo le mani legate

Anonymous said...

No, non ti voto più, non sei più mio amichetto, puzzone caccoloso!

Purdy said...

Oh nice and dark Marco, just how I like it.
I like that use of textured brushes too!

Marco Caradonna said...

Thanks Scott!
I'm quite worried about textured brush, i hope judges aren't going to think it's too greyscaled:)
Anyway thanks for the feedback
See you today on Artorder

Purdy said...

Yeah hopefully the textured brushes won't be a problem. Probably not because the judges will have a larger version of the image to view, I'm guessing. So they'll see that it's ok! :)

Bufi said...

se se, parla inglese così non capisco un cazzo, ma devi tornare prima o poi, devi tornare... :^)
sempre più belle ste robe marco! mi chiedo dove vuoi arrivare...e comunque lo so che il post non funziona è che sono pigro,anche se in realtà non è colpa mia, è che mi disegnano così.
Ciao! torna che ci facciamo un bella birretta!