Friday, 1 May 2009

My first commissions in Fantasy Illustrations!

It's time to update!
Hope it doesn't sound childish or unprofessional, but...
I'm proud to announce to the world that i'm currently working(as freelancer) for Chaosium Inc. and for Fantasy Flight Games for two upcoming projects !!!
It's hard to me describe my feelings right now..
Yes of course i'm still looking for a permanent position in gaming field, but these are my first serious commissions outside Italy since i'm here, and in a field that i loved(and love) for years.
I just want to thanks my family and all friends whose support throughout these years has been fundamental(as it's still now),as also every new friend and collegue i've met since my arrival in London.
I think i've never been so busy in my life(freelance job,waiter job,2dartist job-search, site construction, new software learning,Artorder weekly submission,Dominance War4 Contest (i hope i've time to finish this:( ), everyday's life issues etc...), but also i believe that i'm at turning point, let's see what happens:)


Anonymous said...

e bravo il nostro piripicchio!

Marco Caradonna said...

Beh la cosa confortamte รจ che almeno ora so che qualcuno si prende la briga di leggere anche le castronerie che scrivo in inglese, e non si limita a "guardare le figure"
Piripicchio rules, bro!

Anonymous said...

Io me le leggo, credo anche qualcun'altro, ma non ti aspettare risposte in inglese. Adesso devi solo capire chi sono, ma non penso sia difficile da intuire.

demota2007 said...

wow, your drawings are quite BAAAANG! my husband was amazed to know you are a drawer for warhammer.... did I misunderstood? are u drawing for warhammer?????? by the way your drawings are deep. i wonder what u could make if someone ask u an animation to do... i had this chance, i made my animation but didnt come as i wanted. if i knew before... actually, if Antonella did the BBQ 2 years ago.....