Sunday, 24 May 2009

Artorder_Concept Tuesday:Usual Suspect!

This week Artorder Challenge was quite different from previous ones, and a little bit more challenging one (well , really speaking a lot more;)
The brief was:
"Usual Suspect" challenge requirements:
• 4 silhouettes
• The figures must represent the four D&D® character "roles" - Defender, Striker, Controller, and Leader
• The "roles" are explained here below

In our imaginary game, we have 4 playable races - adopted from the four D&D® "character roles":
Defender - Defenders have the highest defenses in the game and good close-up offense. They are the party's front line conbatants: wherever they are standing, that's where the action is. Defenders have abilities and powers that make it difficult for enemies to move past them or to ignore them in battle.

- Strikers specialize in dealing high amounts of damage to a single target at a time. They have the most concentrated offense of any character in the game. Strikers rely on superior mobility, trickery or magic to move around tough foes and single out the enemy they want to attack.

- Controllers deal with large numbers of enemies at the same time. They favor offense over defense, using powers that deal damage to multiple foes at once, as well as subtler powers that weaken, confuse, or delay their foes.

Leader - Leaders inspire, heal, and aid the other characters. Leaders have good defenses, but their strength lies in powers that protect their companions and target specific foes for the party to concentrate on."

I decided to use humanoid race for all my silhouettes, so that now we have:
an Orc leader
a Bugbear Defender
a Goblin Controller
another Goblin as a Striker

The most difficult thing has been make clear the difference between Striker and Controller as they are both not so defense oriented, not first line combatant, used to trickery and magic to make up for their low defense skill... in fact the most noticeable difference is in the amount of target they can manage, while Striker chooses to deal with one target at once(trying to deal as much damage as possible), Controller can hits multiple targets in the same time
So i decided to use a huge boomerang for Striker(as a a matter of fact that weapon can hit just one target at once) and some fire-based magic skill for Controller(you never imagine what to expect from a magic user;), so now you can see him floating on a sort of magical shield warming up his hands:) in the meanwhile
Hope you enjoy it!!

Sketches and thumbnails will follow up in a short time(now i've to take a little rest)


Anonymous said...

Il controllore è quello che preferisco, mentre l'attaccante mi piace un po' meno.

Anonymous said...

No, aspetta, ho scritto una cazzata, volevo dire che è il difensore quello che mi piace di meno.

Ricardo Guimaraes said...

Hi Marco!! Sorry for being away for so long. I've been very busy lately (which is also a good thing, haha)! Gorgeous silhouettes you have here Marco! Excellent work. I'll come back more often now!!! Cheers!!

Marco Caradonna said...

Ale?Grazie cmq
Il Difensore forse è il piu canonico a livello di design, insieme al Leader,per Il controller e lo Striker mi son dovuto invece scervellare un po' invece
Grazie per il commento cmq,oramai sei a tutti gli effetti uno dei lettori affezionati

Hey Ricardo nice to see that you're still alive(believe me i can understand you about being busy, my life is a mess now:)as an old song, livin on the edge:)
See you on Artorder and thanks a lot for your feedback