Saturday, 16 May 2009

Artorder_Concept Tuesday:Way Back Machine!

Directly from my sketchbook(ehm...actually Photoshop;) my studies for Concept Tuesday: Way-Back Machine
The brief was:" Devolve a creature so that we see his more monsterous and primal 'big brother'. What creature are we going to use for our baseline? This is when I get evil...the GNOME! The Style Guide sneak peek from last thursday. I want to see a silhouette of the normal Gnome in the image, and then show me your devolved version in all it's glory! "
It's too long make a list of all the references i've used to get final image, but i think the keypoints have been: baboons, feline and neanderthal.
Just below you can see my final,rendered concept, hope you enjoy it!:)


Heather Hudson said...

The two guys on the left really work for me, they have a nice sense of character.

Marco Caradonna said...

Thanks a lot for your feedback Heather!
Actually i had a lot of fun painting them(especially the one on top left:)
I'm really curious about other sumbmission
Hope to see even yours on Tuesday

Anonymous said...

I like your gnome very much