Sunday, 5 April 2009

Arimor, the MeatGrinder of Glaesenstadt!

Hi,i'm quite upset cause i didn't finish my piece for Artorder Weekly Sketchground, i've worked too much in these last days...anyway at least i'm able to show you this another work i've done in the meanwhile
Arimor at the battle for Glesenstadt(guys you know!!)
Hope you enjoy
Critics & Comments are always welcome, as usual


Ricardo Guimaraes said...

Hi Marco!! I loved this! Feels very powerful! I was really curious about your Artorder entry this week. (Mmm, I guess I'll stay curious, hahaha..) Congratulations for this one!!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Very powerful! I like it! Keep going, you're doing well!

The Penguin

Marco said...

Hey thanks guys!!!
I appreciate a lot, i can assure you;)

Ricardo Guimaraes said...

Hey Marco! Thanks for your words man. I'ts my pleasure to check your work! Reagarding what you said on my blog, well, I've always been much more an illustrator than a concept artist. I really admire a lot those illustrations with simpler backgrounds (or no backgroud at all) but I seem to have the need to work out some kind of scenario. I understand what you said and I assure you that it helps me to grow. Thanks a lot man!

Anonymous said...

This is simply perfect, improve everyday!
I really admire your passion and dedication, and these works reflect them. No doubt. Arimor would be proud of you, and this is exactly as I'll image the epic battle from now on..
Keep fighting..the victory is near to come..

Asmond, the Great Wizard

la Volpe said...

io vorrei dire che è davvero splendido e mandare a fare in culo i due coglioni che ti scrivono in inglese per fare gli strafighi :p


:p :p :p :p

Marco Caradonna said...

Ahahahah ma dai non usare toni cosi forti
io uso l'inglese perche è piu professionale e potenzialmente mi permette una migliore pubblicita dei lavori(e poi per tenermi allenato)
carlo e fiore penso si adeguino di tanto in tanto per stare al gioco
cmq grazie in ogni caso per il supporto ragassi
vedrete che ne sarà valsa la pena
cazzo il giorno che vi portero un manuale della wizard con miei illustrazioni festeggero con voi
'til now cheers my fiend(very cool in english ahahah)