Saturday, 11 April 2009

Artorder_Concept Tuesday:Dinogloth

Hello guys!
This is my(late)weekly contribution to the Artorder Sketchground, and it's supposed to be a Dinogloth...What is this?
Well, direclty from the original brief"this weeks concept comes from Daniel Gelon, my talented next cube neighbor. My brain was fried today and I couldn't think of a decent concept. Daniel said "well, I love undead, demons, and dinosaurs... what about an undead demon dinosaur!" It made me laugh, and a dose of humor is always a good thing. Let's call him Dinogloth, the terror of the mesozoic period! Have a little fun with this one."
I worked it out mixing the main body from a Stegosaurus, tail from Paleoscincus and other elements taken both from real world and from that ancestral place which is my brain:)
I'm not too satisfied because maybe it resembles too much a dragon(especially head i fear), but that's it, is a sketch, a work in progress, so nothing prevent me to change in the future!
I hope you enjoy it, i have a REAL fun painting it(maybe because dinosaurs were an old passion of mine...)
That's all folks!
Ciao from London


Rob said...

That's pretty cool. Some excellent artwork on this site.

Ricardo Guimaraes said...

This is reeeeealy good Marco! He looks menacing!! Congratulations my friend!!