Monday, 30 March 2009

Dominance War 4:sketches

I have to draw as much as possible before start working again on wednesday...
As you can see i haven't found a definitive design for my scout, but i'm workin out slowly
which one do you prefer?
Cheers from Londinium


Anonymous said...

io direi 2 e poi 5, ma mi piace molto la forma insettoide...e più insettoide è, meglio è.

continua così

Ricardo Guimaraes said...

Excellent blog man! Congratulations!!!

Anonymous said...

A me questi cosi inquietano Franco,
mi ricorda vagamente lo scarafaggio di wall-e.....

geph said...

number 3 because jeff caradonna feels its the most intemidating

geph said...

2 and 5 have a cool hovering thing going on 1 and 2 appear to much like insects 3 is pimp cause jeff caradonna says so

john gibson said...

Beautiful work. Great blog. 3 is the most visually interesting to me. I think that the streamers on 4 and 5 are too strong without any apparent function.


Marco Caradonna said...

Thanks a lot John for your feedback, the only shame is that i'm overburden by work and i'm sure i'll not able to finish that outstanding competition that is Domincance4 War :(
Thanks a lot also for your resourceful answer on Linkedin
See you soon!!